At Nyaaya, we recently put out a post where we examined a popular song from the 90s, Haseena Maan Jayegi, and used it as an example to show how consent operates in law. When I re-shared the post on my personal handles, a few conversations started with friends on how the actors should not be held liable for a song that wasn’t written by them. That led to another conversation on the stature celebrities hold and the responsibilities that come along with it.

It is also widely known, and in many cases debated upon, that over the years bollywood has…

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What is Intersectionality?

Kimberle Crenshaw, a lawyer and civil rights activist, uses the case of Emma Degraffenreid v. General Motors Assembly Division (1976) to explain how discrimination against women does not exist in silos. It is often seen to be overlapping with other forms of discrimination and in order to address this problem, the same needs to be looked at holistically.

In this case, five African American women sued General Motors for discrimination on the basis of gender and race. The Court held that women as secretaries in that company were not discriminated against on account of their gender and even disproved the…

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The issue of police brutality was recently brought back to light following the death of George Floyd in the United States. Soon, many across the world took to social media to highlight the problems of custodial torture prevalent in their countries.

This wave also brought out the story of Jayaraj and Fenix from Tamil Nadu, India, a father-son duo who were assaulted in police custody that eventually led to their deaths. …

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“People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!”

These are the words of a Swedish teen activist that created a global uproar. Until this point, there were only a few who knew about climate change. It was a concept that existed in some fringes of debate circles, and for some, as the phenomena that certain world leaders called a hoax.

Greta Thunberg’s speech got widely shared on social media with celebrities…

Have you wondered why the law on abortion in India, i.e., the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (MTP), 1971, does not use the word ‘abortion’? Was there a reason for law makers to choose the phrase ‘medical termination of pregnancy’ over the colloquially recognised term ‘abortions’?

While some attribute the curious choice of words to the colonial hangover of using technical jargon in laws, the real reason is different. The intended use of the term ‘medical termination of pregnancy’ is aimed at ensuring that abortion laws in the country aren’t framed as granting women a choice or a right to…

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Many social and technological advancements in recent years are owed to the boom of the startup culture. Be it Flipkart, Swiggy or even Urban Company, tech-based startups have simplified tedious processes by making them directly accessible at your fingertips.

On the occasion of National Technology Day, as we celebrate these new-age startups and their contribution to the Indian economy, it is important for us to know the provisions of the legal system supporting the same. What are the laws that need to be followed? Is having a website or an app enough or does the same have to be registered…

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Have you ever heard of people criticising Air India for having ‘older’ air hostesses? They often try to justify their statement with further misogynistic remarks of there being an unspoken standard set by the industry of having certain kind of women be air hostesses — the pretty and young with just the right hair and makeup. They claim it to be a part of the air travel experience. But little do these people know that there is a story of a great struggle for women’s rights and equality there.

This story is not like any other legal battle you know…

Workers all around the world celebrate May 1 as the International Day of Labour. It is seen as a tribute to all the efforts of labourers and activists who worked towards creating a fair, just and safe work environment for everyone, everywhere.

But what do we know about this holiday? How did May 1st come to be Labour Day? When was the first labour day ever celebrated? How does India celebrate this holiday? And most importantly, does India follow the spirit of labour day and provide adequate protections to our workers?

History of Labour Day

The origin story of Labour Day dates back to…

In the midst of the covid outbreak and social distancing, almost everyone is glued to their screens — be it working from home or scrolling through social media. For some, it can be a vicious cycle jumping from work documents to Netflix to twitter and then back to work documents. If you are looking to break this cycle or any related monotonous schedule, you should check out our new series called #NyaayaSpeaks.

From this April, we are starting #NyaayaSpeaks, where once a month we will be conducting a series of special posts, tweet chats, live sessions and articles honouring a…

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India does not have one centralized law on water conservation, supply or control of pollution, but rather a collection of policies at both Centre and State levels. While there are many reasons for this distribution, one of the early ones was owing to the local policies that the British government established at smaller levels for betterment and expansion of their trade, in India.

As their control in India grew, the British focused on developing canals and irrigation facilities to respond to both, growing trade needs and the existing famine. …

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